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Sneak Peeks of Mischka

Fortunately stunning Mischka has impeccable manners so she won’t talk with her mouth full …. even though it’s only full of a tennis ball.  This gorgeous 11 year old Border Collie girl is still playful and her looks obviously belie her age …… what a sweet face, winning smile, and luxurious coat!  Rumour has it that Mischka has her ‘dad’ wrapped around her little paw, though ‘mama’ is pretty smitten with their affectionate girl as well.  And Mischka returns their love tenfold!  Nothing left to do, but award you the “Triple P” rating, Mischka ….. Pretty, Pawfect, and Pawsome!
reflective profile of chocolate and white border collieplayful chocolate and white border collie with mouth full of tennis ballready to play brown and white female border cillietongue out smiling chocolate and white border collie girlchocolate and white female border collie walking with tennis ball in mouth

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