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Sneak Peeks of Luca

Let’s get ready to party ….. or in Luca’s case “parti”!   This adorable “we want one too” little puppy is a Parti Poodle (eg coat is part one colour and part another) and already this sweet fella has “partied” his way into his new mama’s heart and home.  Luca loves his toys (hmmm, we can kind of see that Luca!), and already he can find hidden things as part of his and mama’s hide and seek game.  He’s learning lots, but most importantly has mastered “couch cuddles” ….. nawww!!  Lucky mum!  Best of all though, Luca is still being a puppy …… and little man, you do that soooo well and are soooo gorgeous!  Parti on!!
parti poodle puppy black and whitedancing on hind legs woth soft toy male parti  poodle puppymale puppy parti poodle with soft toyrear end view from male puppy parti poodleleaping black and white parti poodle puppy

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