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Sneak Peeks of Rascal, Ash, Kaylee and Evee

What a furtastic fur family!!  Introducing Rascal (female tortoiseshell cat), Ash (Burmese boy), Kaylee (Staffy girl) and Evee (German Shepherd girl).  Wow, Ash, are you the luckiest feline ever being surrounded by three such gorgeous gals?  Rascal was her mama’s very first fur baby and knows if she needs cheering up.  One look from those gorgeous yellow eyes would cheer anyone up! Ash’s parents have said he can be a “grumpy old man”, but hey, he’s entitled to sometimes seeing as he’s the fur-man of the house!  Sweet little Kaylee is a bit of a “daddy’s girl” and loves her balls almost as much.  And last but not least is Evee who is a “mummy’s girl” and loves Kaylee too.  Check out that water drinking style – now that’s water enjoyment!  What a Fab Four!
fur sibling sisters staffordshire terrier and german shepherdplay bow from staffy girl with grey and yellow ballgerman shepherd girl drinking from glass water bowlfull face of yellow eyed tortoiseshell catgreen eyed male burmese cat

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