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Sneak Peeks of Tyson

Here’s a face that could launch a thousand fluttering hearts!   Meet Tyson, the handsome German Shepherd boy who is very loved by his human parents ….. and probably just about everyone he meets as well.  This loyal boy is his “dad’s” shadow around the house and gets SO excited when he gets home …. melts dad’s heart every time.  Also noted on Tyson’s “CV” (that’s his Canine Vitae of course) is that he loves meeting new people, loves swims and walks, loves the beach, and is rather partial to the odd game of tug-o-war too!  Tyson, you sound as pawfect as you look!
face close up german shepherd male dogintent stare from lying down black and tan german shepherdinquiring head tilt from german shepherd male dogwalking black and tan german shepherd boymale black and tan german shpeherd with face on floor

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