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Sneak Peeks of Eva

Eva, surely that couldn’t be toy stuffing hanging from your mouth?   Not with that sweet face?  Well, apparently this delightful young Dachshund girl doesn’t  mind a bit of the odd “toy destruction”, but hey, with her looks Eva could be excused pretty much anything.   Elegant Eva obviously knows how to dress to impress too …. ooh, purple and pink are soooo you Eva!  And when not looking gorgeous …. or making toys look not gorgeous (haha!) …. this adorable little gal is her human mama’s little princess and is a real sweetheart who can never get enough tummy rubs or cuddles with her mama.  Awwww!!
sassy dachshund girl stepping outblack and tan dachshund sporting pink and white tieyoung dachshund girl head tiltingblack and tan dachshund girl in elegant purple harnessyoung dachshund girl caught with toy stuffing in mouth

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