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Sneak Peeks of Ruby

Sauntering, Sweet, Smoocher, Super Ball Catching Ruby is an affectionate Cavoodle guaranteed to put a smile on your dial …. one of the many things her human parents love about her.   Radiant Ruby is showing off lots of her attributes …. what a leap for the ball Ruby!  Woo hoo!  And your play bow is matched in “awww-ness” only by your ever-so-sweet smile ….. even your eyes smile!  Also on her “CV” (that’s her Cavoodle Vitae in case you were wondering); Ruby loves children, giving kisses, dogs of all sizes, and pleasing people.  Reckon you tick all the boxes Ruby – what a great pup!
classic catch of tennis ball from cavoodlesmiling faced red cavoodle girlplay bow from red female cavoodlefluffy eared red cavoodle girlred cavoodle girl walking with yellow toy in mouth

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