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Sneak Peeks of Lilly and Lola

Hang on to your hat, Lilly, surely those can’t be your boots? …… unless they are for you to hide in?  This sweet little Miniature Fox Terrier is her human mama’s shadow so guess if she waits by mama’s boots, there’s NO WAY mama can “escape” on a walk without her knowing.  Haha!  Clever girl!  The other gal making up this delightful duo is Lola, Lilly’s daughter who is not yet one year old.  As long as Lilly is with her mama she’s happy; whether it be going for drives in the car, walking around the property, or even flying in a plane or out in a boat.  A true woman of action!  And that expressive face also lets her mama know exactly what she’s thinking.  Well, we’re all thinking you are a pair of “cuddliness” in that blanket, Lilly and Lola.  Too cute!!
tan and white miniature fox terrier snuggling in cream blanketblack and white mini fox terrier snuggling under blanketcuddling mother and daughter mini fox terrierssoulful look from white and tan mini fox terrierminiature fox terrier peeking from behind pair of boots

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