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Sneak Peeks of Cooper

Super Cooper is a Mini Dachshund and a “petite” boy at that …. but this little fella’s character is huge.  Cooper has a stack-o-tricks to make his human family smile, and no doubt that adorable high five will win him a treat every time.  Cooper’s “cheeky” side sees him loving to be chased around the house.  Hmmm …. here’s a tip, Cooper … shhhhh!  If you hide behind your giant green ball they won’t be able to find you?  Hee hee – what fun!!   Before you leap into action again, Cooper, just want to add you are a star!
petite mini dachshund looking front onhigh fiving mini tan dachshundmini dachshund boy with giant green ballleaping mini dachshund boyhandsome profile of tan mini dachshund boy

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