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Sneak Peeks of Zahli and Maia

Oodles of puppy cuteness from these snugglin’, cuddlin’ sisters, Zahli (ruby red Cavoodle) and Maia (sable grey/caramel Spoodle).  Older sister (by only a few months) Zahli is the household’s official people greeter …. she may even start off with “You call that a fluffy tail? Now THIS is a fluffy tail!”  What a sashay Zahli!  You go girl!  Maia’s mama has spilled the beans that she has a sassy side, but wowee – what a leap of joy!  Woo hoo!  If that’s your sassy side Maia, bring it on.  Zahli and Maia, you are a pair of pawfect pups!
caramel spoodle puppy with head resting on pawleaping caramel spoodle young girlfur-sisters ruby cavoodle and caramel spoodlefluffy tail and rear end pose from ruby cavoodle girlruby red cavoodle young girl tilting head

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