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Sneak Peeks of Hutchy and Reggie

Smiling Border Collie, Hutchy, is older fur-bro to sweet little fluff ball Reggie the Maltese, who rather enjoys lapping up as much attention as he can.  And why not with that sweet face?  Both these boys love people, their treaties, and having walks with their human mama – it’s their special time together.  Looks like Reggie is getting in some practice in anticipation?  Hutchy loves to smile (and what a fabulous smile it is!), especially when he’s around his family …. but even more especially when he’s with his mama.  Brilliant bros, Hutchy and Reggie!
fur-bros border collie and maltesesmiling and sitting border colliefluffy eared maltese dogtilting head shot of black and white border colliesmiling fluffy maltese dog

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