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Sneak Peeks of Bentley

So what do you call a pug puppy? A pugette? A puggle? None of the above!  In Bentley’s case you just call him “too darned cute for his boots”.  This little fella’s proud human parents have let on that he loves to get up to a bit of mischief, but also loves people, and his cuddles and snuggles.  Would that be called a Puggle Snuggle?  Cheeky Bentley can take the handles off the oven (handyman in the making?) then use his expressive “who me?” look when questioned about his handwork. Haha!  Bentley, everyone will be wanting a pug hug from you now.
fawn puppy pug about to pouncebaby pug faceinquisitive fawn pug puppysweet boy pug puppysnuggle pug pup with cuddle toy

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