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Sneak Peeks of Bella and Riley

Guess which Laid Back Labrador just loves belly rubs!  You got it … Beautiful Bella who “assumes the position” whenever she can. Bella is also a bit of a movie buff and loves watching movies with her human parents.  And those oh-so-cute floppy ears are not going to miss a word.   Her fur-bro, Riley, is always ready for action and is quite possibly on the prowl here looking for one of his beloved balls.  Never enough balls in life is there, Riley?  And with a smile like that, reckon you are pretty happy with life too.  You are a pair of Lovely Labs, Bella and Riley!
laid back lying on back and smiling golden labradorvery relaxing golden lab with ears hanging downgolden labrador going for a strollbig smiley golden labradorPair of Golden Labradors sitting together

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