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Sneak Peeks of Harlo and Nixon

Bounding Beagles Batman, how adorable are these two fur-siblings?  Older sister, Harlo, is the dainty little girl doing her very best “dead cockroach” impersonation.  Younger bro, Nixon, is the dude with the jaunty, ear-flappin’ swagger.  Their human parents have spilled the beans that they consider Harlo a “one pack dog” as she has to have things her way.  Gotta love a gal with “tude”.  Nixon is the cheeky, playful one, but what else would you expect from a little brother?  Harlo and Nixon, you sound like the perfect pair to have around and surely your parents must be mistaken because you both look so angelic!
beagle fur-siblings sitting closebeagle impersonating a dead cockroachjaunty trotting male beagle with ear flappingfemale beagle nose at the readybrown eyed beagle close up face

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