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Sneak Peeks of Milla, Tilley and MooMoo

A Trio of Talent! Milla is the sweet Border Collie older fur-sister who is a real people person ….. um, dogson!  Next we have middle fur-sister Tilley, the Rottweiler Labrador cross, who is the clown in the family.  Completing this terrific trio is younger fur-bro MooMoo, Rottweiler Kelpie cross, who just loves to hang with big-sis Tilley.  Over the years Milla has entertained her human family with a range of “incidents” (yep, she even opened the front door once all by herself!).  Tilley’s family reckon she’s the funniest dog they’ve ever had.  Milla, Tilley and MooMoo, sounds as though no one could possibly get bored around you guys.  Keep up the good work!
happily running black and white border collie girlblack and white rottweiler kelpie cross with happy smilesitting pretty black and tan rottweiler labrador crosshead tilting black and white border collie girlrottweiler kelpie cross having a rundeep in thought rotti lab cross girl


  1. Rachel on 11/12/2017 at 6:05 AM

    Thank you so much. The photos are amazing! Megan and I love them!

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