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Sneak Peeks of Bella, Scruff and Moose

Introducing The Three Amigos!  Bella (Great Dane), Scruff (Terrier X), and Moose (Fox Terrier) bring triple the love and laughs to their parents’ home and lives.  Beautiful Bella is the gentle and calm girl (so don’t let size fool you with these fur-siblings) and to prove her point, there she is, just hangin’ around for a belly rub.  Scruff loves to run around and “act bonkers”, but always with the biggest smile …. obviously even when anticipating catching a big red ball.   Go Scruff!  Moose is his parents’ “cheeky and naughty little ratbag”, but there must be another Moose somewhere in their home?  Surely can’t be this little fella, sitting so sweetly on his haunches?  Awwww!  What a Terrific Trio you pups are!

Three amigos - great dane, terrier cross, and fox terriergreat dane in dead cockroach posescruffy terrier cross leaping for red ballfox terrier sitting on haunches beggingcheeky looking fox terrier


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