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Sneak Peeks of Pete

Pawfect little Pete (black and tan) just keeps coming back ….. his first “modelling assignment” was with his litter mates at six weeks old, now he’s back as a big boy of a few months old.   And this time for a “family pawtrait” with his older fur siblings, Pippa and Barkley, who are also previous Zoo Studio stars.  Whilst the youngest in the fur family, Pete is very confident and likes to “strut his stuff”.  Pete also loves his toys and balls …… if Barkley will let him have one.  Haha – onya Barkley!  Rumour has it that Pete is also full of energy and a cheeky chappie …. but hey, with those irresistible looks, get away with it while you can little dude!

trio of dachshund fur siblingsquizzical dachshund black and tan puppyblack and tan dachshund pup with knitted chicken in mouthblack and tan dachshund puppyblack and tan dachshund puppy with large stuffed toy

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