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Sneak Peeks of Chloe and Koshka

Chloe (Golden Retriever) and Koshka (Russian Blue) are best friends who love to play and chase each other around the house ….. and obviously also enjoy starring together in “modelling” assignments!  Chloe, or “The Peoples’ Champion” as her human parents like to call her (she’s a real crowd pleaser) is a Triple B variety; Bouncy, Bubbly, and Beautiful.  Aptly names Koshka (means “cat” in Russian – isn’t he clever to have come up with that?), is very playful and sociable – even with new dogs!  This stunning, green eyed young man loves to bestow kisses on his human parents’ noses.  Awww!  A Picture Perfect Pair of Pals.

best friends golden retriever and russian blue catgolden retriever chasing big red balltail curled standing russian blue catsitting together russian blue cat and golden rerievergreen eyed russian blue crouching cathead down on floor sweet faced golden retriever

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