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Sneak Peeks of Madison

Ms Madison you definitely “out cute” your very cute sheep pal hands …. oops, paws …. down!  This little long-haired Dachshund girl has been nicknamed “Top Dog” (as in the Wentworth TV series) by her human parents, not that Madison has ever done “time”.  Only “time” this little gal could have been served for is for stealing …… her human parents’ hearts!   Or maybe for impersonation ….. of an international model?  Just look at that professional head tilting profile!  Madison, you’d turn the modelling world upside down ….. just like you do when you ask for belly rubs.   Tooo cute!!!

best pals sheep toy and black and tan dachshundcontemplative sit long haired dachshundsmiling upwards black and tan dachshundside body profile black and tan dachshundupside down black and tan long haired dachshund


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