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Sneak Peeks of Eevee

“All hail Queen Eevee” ….. could easily be what this chilled out Ragdoll cross gal is saying to her adoring fans.  We hear you and we hail you Eevee!  Nothing phases this playful puss – she even gets along with dogs! – and doesn’t mind a bit of a chat with her human parents.  How purrfect!   Eevee, all this adulation works up a bit of an appetite don’t you think?   Hmmm …. yes, seems it does.   You are one fabulous feline, Eevee!

bi-coloured ragdoll cross conducting her audiencedemurely sitting ragdoll cross catgreen eyed ragdoll cross domestic catdinner time for bi coloured ragdoll cross domestic catbi-coloured ragdoll cross white triangle over nose

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