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Sneak Peeks of Marley and May

Pug fur-sisters Marley and May (smaller and lighter faced of the two) are best friends and find the thought of not being able to cuddle, play and rest together rePUGnant.  Marley also loves her special Pig the Pug toy, but is not selfish when it comes to play time – she loves to give little “gifts” to visitors as well ….. a toy, or shoe, or even a rock! Does that make her a rock star?  May is a real “person dog” who loves to hang ….. and flop …. wherever her human family is. Marley and May, you are a pair of Picture Perfect Pugs!

pair of fawn pug sisterswrinkly pug chewing pug toyflopped on back relaxed fawn pugsranding dark faced fawn pugsitting fawn pug

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