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Sneak Peeks of Chloe and Fox

Chloe (Labrador cross) has been with her human family “furever” which means she’s had lots of experience at one of her favourite things ….. opening presents!   Wonder if she “helps” the family with theirs too?  Clever Chloe!  Her fursister, Fox (Greyhound), enjoys the good life now, either bouncin’ or lyin’ around … all the while looking very soulful, and ….well …. rather foxy.  You are a gorgeous pair of gals and Chloe, one could just melt into those soft, gentle, big brown eyes of yours.  Awwww!

black labrador cross opening presentwalking fawn and white greyhoundbig brown eyes and happy smile black labrador crossshiny black coat labrador crosslying down fawn and white greyhound

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