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Sneak Peeks of Benji and Reggie

Wow!  What stunning blue eyes you have Benji!  A Seal Point Ragdoll, it’s easy to see why his humans say everyone loves Benji …. and that he doesn’t mind the resulting attention he receives.  Who could resist his charms?  Fur brother Reggie is Mr Placid Happy Man and doesn’t that smile say it all?   Reggie loves his game of fetch and has no concept of his size, even wanting to sit on his humans’ laps.  You couldn’t wish for a more adorable winter warmer!

seal point ragdoll cat white and lilacsmiling tongue out irish wolfhound crosstennis ball in mouth tan and white irish wolfhound crossfluffy tail white and lilac seal point ragdoll catyoga position irish wolfhound cross with tennis ball


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