Photographers Log – Earth Date: May 2009

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Did we mention that half of the company (i.e. the Photographers wife Beck) is a Trekkie Fan – just been to see the new Star Trek movie in Gold Class and loved it!!! Anyway so much has happened over the last few months and Zoo Studio have been so remiss in updating (interpret that to mean ….. starting) our website blog, that we are almost ashamed to tell you all that has happened – we have so much news. So here is a very quick précis:

February 2009 – Flew to Brisbane for a holiday and decided we really loved Brisbane and thought that our Zoo Studio – Animal Art Photography business, which had been running very successfully in Perth, would also be a smash hit in Brisbane. Decided to re-locate, we wanted to be closer to our family anyway. Important note: If you are a past customer from Perth, we are still happy to provide and supply any prints you wish to purchase from your photography studio session.

Early March 2009 – Sold House and Home Based Studio in Perth WA in 3 YES 3 Weeks and then panicked because we had not found a place to buy in Brisbane – in fact we did not even know what Suburb we wanted to live in.

Late March 2009 – Flew to Brisbane again and found a house and studio just perfect for Zoo Studio in Chapel Hill. Made an offer, and bought the house. Michelle from Macleod Partners in Toowong is a fantastic and very professional real estate agent we must say!

April 2009 – Packed up Studio, Office, House, Cats, Dogs – over 372 boxes and pieces of furniture for home and office. Engaged Pickfords to move us over to Brisbane and Jet Pets (the very best) to fly over our cats.

May 1st 2009 – Settled on the House in Perth BUT settlement in Brisbane got delayed – Banks…. Hmmmmm that’s all we will say!

May 2nd 2009 – Embarked on the road trip of a life time – 4WD drive, two Golden Retrievers (too old and nervous to fly), camping gear and a sense of adventure, but no hair dryer for the wife ahhh! More blog posts and photos on this later, we have developed from great tips about camping with dogs and have some funny stories to tells – like the one about a dog (that hates fireworks or thunder) a campsite, valium and a country rodeo fireworks display.

May 7th 2009 – Bank finally settled on our new studio and home in Brisbane!

May 11th 2009 – Arrived in Brisbane and camped in the new house until our office and furniture arrived.

May 17th 2009 – Million Paws Walk Brisbane and Perth – Ken fly back to Perth for the RSPCA as their photographer and Beck managed the stall in Brisbane. Congratulations to Catherine Pearson who won the RSPCA Raffle for a $1000 Zoo Studio Gift Voucher and Robyn Dunlop who won the Zoo Studio – ‘Guess the Doggie Treats in the Jar Competition’ for a $750 Gift Voucher from Zoo Studio.

May ??> 2009 – Those awful floods – our heart goes out to all those people that suffered storm/water damage. Unfortunately we our new house and studio proved water tight!

1st June 2009 – Zoo Studio officially open for business and we have been busy taking quite a few booking for Million Paws Walk supporters who have taken advantage of our very special Introductory offer. If you would like to find out more about this, please contact us!

Yes it’s a long blog entry but, as you can see the staff at Zoo Studio have been very very busy. We are looking forward to working and living in our new home in Sunny Queensland.

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